Friday, November 14, 2008

Cause and Effect- Revised

* As we go through life we hear and study things by word of mouth. Through technology we have blogs, webcasts, radio and such. As such a new breed of error comes about. I had trouble researching the following piece largely because I had the name of the concept mis spelled. I took a class recently that made reference to Mushin rather than Wu shin, I was able to make more sense of it. I have changed the word Wu Shin to Mushin to reflect something you can actually verify. On top of it added a few additional pieces of commentary... Blessings

Going through daily life there are shifts that we experience. Everything in a day, or in our entire lives are somehow interwoven. The greatest time we have to effect change is in that little space we have between events.

One of the lessons I have taken into my life as an internal arts practitioner is a concept called Mushin*. Muhin is a Chinese expression that describes the relationship that describes the pause between a cause and it's effect.  This is Mushin as described by Sifu Dan Brown. Traditionally it is uses as a martial arts term. As Kung Fu was a gateway to proper living and philosophy for me for a while I have expanded its meaning according to the way Sifu Brown describes it.

It's that moment when the world seems to go into slow motion. For instance in a car accident, you recall it in detail in slow motion, the great baseball hitters can see the spin on the threads of a ball. You get the idea.

Now lets come to the practice of internal arts. Most of these, Yoga, Qigong, TaiChi, Meditation, Zen and others use the Breath as the central focus of the exercise. When we breath, there is a moment however brief that we inhale, pause, then exhale. The magic comes in that pause. The cause is the inhale and the effect is the exhale. The experience is the Pause. This is what to me is the center of mindfulness, the pause. To always be mindful of our breathing, mindful of our actions. We should always aim to be centered, and when there is a pause take a moment to meditate on the peace it is intended to create.

When you carry yourself into a place of self practice, church, yoga studio, guan, dojo, etc, enter that state of Mushin. The cause is the decision to take care of the spirit, the effect hopefully is to make your life better. So leave everything at the door, go into slow mindful motion... and breath.
Brian M. Dotson

*Sifu Dan Brown of Chicago, podcast "Lessons in Mindfulness"

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