Saturday, April 25, 2009

Perception and works...

The current economic crisis finally caught up with me in a very real sense. The truth is I am in a very real and uncomfortable financial position. I've chosen not to worry, rather I've learned not to worry. After all (they say) the universe will provide... with a little faith. Many of the worlds faiths teach us that everything around us is only perception. It's where we can practice the skill of non-attachment.

As a Yogi, I still turn to words of wisdom from Sages of the past. From a short Taoist Cannon called Immortal old Gentleman Lu's 100 Character Steele it is stated, "When in obscure poverty, I resort to my own devices". A very powerful mantra I've reflected on time and again.

My money is what I make of it. My enough is what I make of it. If I were to lose my home, car, pet, prize possession, job, or even my health I should just accept these things. I find that in daily life that if I participate actively in exercising non attachment to small and even mundane things, meditate frequently and commune a little with my higher power then when the big things manifest themselves I worry less and less.

This is why we call Practicing Spirituality, Practicing Goodness, Practicing Good Habits... Practicing non attachment just that Practice; we become better at them.

Practicing Karma or Bhatki Yoga is to be of service. Serving others with no other reward than to be joyful and help others to be gets us out of our Selves. Selflessness rather than Selfishness becomes our mantra and we find that our energy becomes positive. It's kind of like an insurance policy: we invest good will and grace, we practice non attachment, we attract like energy. By not worrying about being poor, by continuing to give when we don't have and importantly not expecting any specific thing in turn... more often than not life works out.

The bible states, "For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. (James 2:26)". We can hope and pray all we want, we can mow lawns and walk little old ladys across the street all we want but whatever your faith even if it's non-"religious" still works the same...

Accept hand ups, not hand outs.
Try giving more than you receive.
Trust that the Universe will provide for you.
Trust that You are a working part of the Universe.

Have joy!

You'll see the world as the wealthiest of humans can ever dream!

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