Sunday, October 11, 2009

The BisyBackson

The following is  a commentary on a portion of Benjamin Hoff's "The Tao of Pooh". Contained therin is my camparison to yoga and meditation...

In a popular "Taoist" parody involving Pooh and the friends of the 100 acre wood, there is a chapter dedicated to those too busy to have time for time's sake.   Go to their homes and you'll see a sign on their door stating "Busy, Back Soon" this is a home inhabited by a creature we'll call the BisyBackson. The BiseyBackson is not an animal, it is a person too busy to have time to answer the door, better still are too busy to come home to do so. Do you know a busy BisyBackson? Are you one?

Ok, you're thinking, "Great, my Yogi friend is the busiest person I know and about to distribute a dissertation on how to not be." Well yeah and no. Yes yogis can be busy, busy with practice, busy gardening, busy with normal jobs, children, and such. We work hard and work often. So what's the difference? Well the answer lies IN the story. But there is an answer and maybe it'll work for you...

I have a friend who deals with "the market". He has a hard time slowing down, hard time meditating albeit he's ahead of most in his industry... he has discovered Yoga. Another friend works his regular Fire Dept job and has side businesses that cause him to travel the world on days off... no yoga. I know a millionaire tech guy who lives a total Yogic life and in spite of working insane hours still finds at least 1 hour a day to meditate steadfastly to nourish his spirit.

One has no time in his life for himself or anyone, one has his foot just inside the door of self discovery, and the other firmly with a grip on his inner self and able to outperform most I know. This is the paradox of yoga and meditation; the busier a person is, the more that person needs to meditate. Compare it to putting tread back on your tires. It's not metaphysical, its science. Machines for example that are put under great stresses a little at a time can last for miles, the Indy 500 can trash the highest performance engines in the world because they have no rest. Here's another experiment, bend a nail, or piece of plastic back and forth rapidly and just before it breaks feel the heat generated at the bend. Your mind, if freed of all thought and stress even for moments of the day will be more resilient, resulting in less stress improved memory, improved health. AND best of all it affects the muscles that operate the corners of your mouth and seem to relax an lift your spirits resulting in that smile of joy.

So you get-er-done junkies. Try this... take your Business Plan, and trash it, burn it, shred it. Develop instead a Busy-ness Plan. Get up early, sit still and enjoy the calm vibration of the awakening world. Go out with joy, take over the world, come home. Then take some quiet time to let the day go and enter peace... before the dinner an homework rush. You'll find you can make more time for and more sense of IT ALL. You'll find more often you can take that Busy, Back Soon sign off your door, and of your chest and stow it away for ever. Replace it with an Enter Joyfully, take off your shoes, and Meditate for a while--- sign.

Walk in the Light!!


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Jean Hoiland said...

very well put Brian, I couldn't agree more.