Friday, October 30, 2009

Check your ego at the door...

I had planned to go to Hot Yoga this morning, felt "punky" but exercised a little self discipline and went to Issaquah Hot Yoga. The instructor is a cool cat named Regan, his classes are tough but very fun. I'm also fully aware that even as a teacher I can't do some of the stuff he offers in that class. The problem was that I began to not feel well, and couldn't maintain my normal pace and even do some poses that usually are no problem. I became frustrated.

I began to go into restorative poses when I had to at times when no one else in the class was slacking. It occured to me that I was exercising some of my own advice and even Regan's advice... Take care of yourself and YOUR practice. That revelation allowed me to smile as I moved slower through the rest of the class.

I use the yoga mat as a metephor for my life, and lessons learned in the yoga studio about myself translate well into life. First: Check your ego at the door, you're not there to impress, or compete, you are there to merge your body, mind, soul. Sure a good workout is nice, but better if you enjoyed it. No use paying ten bucks for misery, a movie and a bucket of popcorn can accomplish that. Try checking your ego at the door at work, coming home from a shopping trip, a bike ride with friends, open mike poetry night... whatever. Just accept that you are living first of all for you, your joy will benefit others.

So as I left the studio this morning I told Regan the instructor, "You made my blog." Of course he looked a little puzzled but I wanted to thank him for the lesson. So thank you Regan!

Brian M. Dotson