Saturday, October 23, 2010

New beginnings

I was discussing the topic of New Beginnings with friends tonight. I have been thinking quite a bit about just that recently.
Many that know me know that I'm always trying something new, so the concept I'm discussing is not as overt as that.

The spiritual teachings I'm priveliged to recieve talk about letting go of the attachment to "things". Another mentor of mine says that nothing is more important than being present with God always, not cars, not jobs, not a great hairdo, not children or spouses. Quite a tall order, some may picture such a person as a Sadu barely clothed wondering the banks of the Ganga begging for food.

I'm talking about the spiritual growth it takes to reach acceptance that sometimes we have to give things up. When it hurts it means we've been too attached, when it makes us happy or releived we've let our spirit be free (and face it maybe we weren't happy in the first place.)
I once met a psychologist who had a client whom he said was one of the richest men in America, but he was as depressed as a mud fence. I also once met a man crumpled and debilitated in a wheelchair laughing and smiling as though nothing were the matter!

Personally I have made that decision to just let some things go (along with my ego) over the years. I don't always do that, but for a few of the biggest things in my life I've chosen to cut ties. Doing so I found freedom and growth. I am currently making a major life decision that is litterallly forcing me to clean house! I'm asking myself now, well what other material anchors can I throw overboard! What else can I do to be free! Just the thought brings me so spiritually high I can hardly describe it.

I will confess that some things will have my clawmarks on them but as long as I am making progress to accept detachment the happier I'll be and the closer to God I'll be.



Saturday, October 16, 2010

Loss and Life

My dear friend John died today. He was in his 70's and was a champion for those suffering from addiction. John was controversial because he just said it as it was! He wasn't hidden in the corners, John was on the front lines. As he takes his light into the other room he I know he will take his bright light into the other room. He'll likely be reborn as a champion again. Karma is something God gave him and he gave us. I thought of him this morning before I heard. I just know that he is planning the next body to become, he will be with our children with Divine Mother to do the work only John could do. To me he was akin to saintly. I lit a candle for Johnn today and sent a prayer to his family. We have all been touched by his presence in this life.

I love you John!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Judge not...

In my Rajasic education, Yoga is basically defined as union. The Daoist view: mix with worldly affairs as they mix, never be trivial nor flamboyant.

The recent issue of Terry Jones, Dove World Outreach Center burning piles of the holy Quran certainly signals the dangers of our world of Maya. Hate groups signal that even in our time of spiritual upliftment... act to remind us of the duality that we seek to escape.

Extremism is the playground of evil, much as greed, ego overindulgence. The idea that your personal views and judgements are supported by some secular view and therefore making a given path good, or evil is sad. I see these stickers on the backs of many vehicles that say: "coexist". I shudder at the literal carrying out of religious views that come from a narrow Cannon, and narrow dogma. In particular those that were written in reletively primitive times. Those paths with no dogma, no secular text that walk their talk seem to turn away from such aweful and low spirited path.

Living for the sake of serving the upliftment of the universe or more specifically our planet and everyone on it would seem to be what a Supreme Spirit, or God, or Divine Mother would want.

I challenge anyone to attend a Moslem gathering, a Jewish temple, a Meditation Temple, a Buddhist temple; throw away preconcieved notions and ask them to accept you. In most cases your magnetism if peaceful will shine through and you will find the love you seek to give.

Blessings to Mr. Jones, like it or not God loves you and those you so overtly hate. The Universal Conscience will smile on those who practice peace and acceptance.


Brian Dotson

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Energy of Giving

As a yoga teacher I have the opportunity every few days to give a bit of myself to others. I am also in a 12 step program where I am also afforded the opportunity to be of service.

Teaching internal arts of course pays a little money. The latter effort asks that I put a buck in the basket when I participate in the fellowship. But here's where I believe they are Karmicly similar:

I told my doctor the other day that to teach yoga, qigong, meditation I get so much more therapeutically than when I practice alone or am a student. I went on to explain that I felt it was the giving from my heart chakra that was stimulating me spiritually. The  money part of teaching is called an "exchange of energy". (something I'll blog about later). I give of myself to them, and in appreciation they pay a class fee and I take home a couple nickels for gas money. It makes me whole to give good feelings and whole health to others.

Likewise in the 12 step program, we have a phrase "You have to give it away to get any more." Trust
God, Clean House, and Work with others is the basics on how that works. So I find people to give my phone number to, talk with those who are new and scared, pray with them.

The point is that the true Yogic life is a serviceable life. It is a life of unselfishness, but paradoxically a life of self realization. I find though for me to discover the essence of who I am, I have the desire to give back what has so willingly been given to me.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Best Yoga Ever!

I must tell you that I taught one of the coolest yoga classes ever... EVER! I teach in some cool places. But as it worked out the Dance Hall at Featherstone was occupied, so we went to the dock on the shores of Lake Retreat! How apropo... what a lovely place to gather the energies of QiGong, and relax through our flow of Hatha and some Shadow Yoga. I stared down into the 12 foot water below to see large fish gathering... evidently attracted to the peaceful vibration me and my 3 wonderful students were providing! I've been daydreaming about it all weekend.

What a privelege to teach energy arts and to satsang with like minded people who like me wish to be one with the universe, one with the silent spring breeze blowing from the pond.

Om Peace!!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Balance... The Dumb Guy Approach.

As I frequently do, I found myself once again standing on one foot... it literally is a habit for me to stand on one foot! I started doing it to rehab a knee injury years ago. I then found it in Yoga doing the Tree Pose, and then in martial arts practice. I feel calm when I am physically balanced. I feel better when I'm mentally, and emtionally balanced.

If you are a person that knows me you know that I'm a busy bee or someimes even a *"Bisy Backson". I often struggle with balance in my life. It's frustrating to me and to others when this occus. This morning it occured to me that every time I strike my Captain Morgan- Flamingo like pose, I should think about my entire personal balance. Is my day planned well? Am I flexible? Have I made plans to avoid emergencies and oversights? Mostly have I scheduled time for my spirit to be quiet? Have I given thanks to the Universe that so freely provides me with life?

Sometimes I/ we need to use what I call the "dumb guy" approach to managing life. Writing things down, double checking and keeping Present and Mindfull at all times keeps me in balance. In my formal Yoga Tradition of Ananda the Tree Pose affirmation is "I am Calm, I am Poised" as in: in balance.

Another way to look at it is a lesson I learned from a Taoist fable involving a monkey and a sage. The monkey represents our curious, playful and mischevious nature. The Sage represents our cerebral, thoughtful and analyzing stable side. If out of balance you may find yourself too scattered (monkey) or too bound and uptight (sage). If the monkey and the sage can work together balance can be acheived.

In my yogic life I use all these tools to check in and calm down. The most powerful tool I have however is the Yoga of meditation... which brings me closer to God.