Monday, February 1, 2010

Balance... The Dumb Guy Approach.

As I frequently do, I found myself once again standing on one foot... it literally is a habit for me to stand on one foot! I started doing it to rehab a knee injury years ago. I then found it in Yoga doing the Tree Pose, and then in martial arts practice. I feel calm when I am physically balanced. I feel better when I'm mentally, and emtionally balanced.

If you are a person that knows me you know that I'm a busy bee or someimes even a *"Bisy Backson". I often struggle with balance in my life. It's frustrating to me and to others when this occus. This morning it occured to me that every time I strike my Captain Morgan- Flamingo like pose, I should think about my entire personal balance. Is my day planned well? Am I flexible? Have I made plans to avoid emergencies and oversights? Mostly have I scheduled time for my spirit to be quiet? Have I given thanks to the Universe that so freely provides me with life?

Sometimes I/ we need to use what I call the "dumb guy" approach to managing life. Writing things down, double checking and keeping Present and Mindfull at all times keeps me in balance. In my formal Yoga Tradition of Ananda the Tree Pose affirmation is "I am Calm, I am Poised" as in: in balance.

Another way to look at it is a lesson I learned from a Taoist fable involving a monkey and a sage. The monkey represents our curious, playful and mischevious nature. The Sage represents our cerebral, thoughtful and analyzing stable side. If out of balance you may find yourself too scattered (monkey) or too bound and uptight (sage). If the monkey and the sage can work together balance can be acheived.

In my yogic life I use all these tools to check in and calm down. The most powerful tool I have however is the Yoga of meditation... which brings me closer to God.

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Brian D said...

The Bisy Backson is a reference to a very busy person. This is from the "Tao of Pooh".