Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Energy of Giving

As a yoga teacher I have the opportunity every few days to give a bit of myself to others. I am also in a 12 step program where I am also afforded the opportunity to be of service.

Teaching internal arts of course pays a little money. The latter effort asks that I put a buck in the basket when I participate in the fellowship. But here's where I believe they are Karmicly similar:

I told my doctor the other day that to teach yoga, qigong, meditation I get so much more therapeutically than when I practice alone or am a student. I went on to explain that I felt it was the giving from my heart chakra that was stimulating me spiritually. The  money part of teaching is called an "exchange of energy". (something I'll blog about later). I give of myself to them, and in appreciation they pay a class fee and I take home a couple nickels for gas money. It makes me whole to give good feelings and whole health to others.

Likewise in the 12 step program, we have a phrase "You have to give it away to get any more." Trust
God, Clean House, and Work with others is the basics on how that works. So I find people to give my phone number to, talk with those who are new and scared, pray with them.

The point is that the true Yogic life is a serviceable life. It is a life of unselfishness, but paradoxically a life of self realization. I find though for me to discover the essence of who I am, I have the desire to give back what has so willingly been given to me.


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