Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Judge not...

In my Rajasic education, Yoga is basically defined as union. The Daoist view: mix with worldly affairs as they mix, never be trivial nor flamboyant.

The recent issue of Terry Jones, Dove World Outreach Center burning piles of the holy Quran certainly signals the dangers of our world of Maya. Hate groups signal that even in our time of spiritual upliftment... act to remind us of the duality that we seek to escape.

Extremism is the playground of evil, much as greed, ego overindulgence. The idea that your personal views and judgements are supported by some secular view and therefore making a given path good, or evil is sad. I see these stickers on the backs of many vehicles that say: "coexist". I shudder at the literal carrying out of religious views that come from a narrow Cannon, and narrow dogma. In particular those that were written in reletively primitive times. Those paths with no dogma, no secular text that walk their talk seem to turn away from such aweful and low spirited path.

Living for the sake of serving the upliftment of the universe or more specifically our planet and everyone on it would seem to be what a Supreme Spirit, or God, or Divine Mother would want.

I challenge anyone to attend a Moslem gathering, a Jewish temple, a Meditation Temple, a Buddhist temple; throw away preconcieved notions and ask them to accept you. In most cases your magnetism if peaceful will shine through and you will find the love you seek to give.

Blessings to Mr. Jones, like it or not God loves you and those you so overtly hate. The Universal Conscience will smile on those who practice peace and acceptance.


Brian Dotson

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