Saturday, October 16, 2010

Loss and Life

My dear friend John died today. He was in his 70's and was a champion for those suffering from addiction. John was controversial because he just said it as it was! He wasn't hidden in the corners, John was on the front lines. As he takes his light into the other room he I know he will take his bright light into the other room. He'll likely be reborn as a champion again. Karma is something God gave him and he gave us. I thought of him this morning before I heard. I just know that he is planning the next body to become, he will be with our children with Divine Mother to do the work only John could do. To me he was akin to saintly. I lit a candle for Johnn today and sent a prayer to his family. We have all been touched by his presence in this life.

I love you John!

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