Saturday, October 23, 2010

New beginnings

I was discussing the topic of New Beginnings with friends tonight. I have been thinking quite a bit about just that recently.
Many that know me know that I'm always trying something new, so the concept I'm discussing is not as overt as that.

The spiritual teachings I'm priveliged to recieve talk about letting go of the attachment to "things". Another mentor of mine says that nothing is more important than being present with God always, not cars, not jobs, not a great hairdo, not children or spouses. Quite a tall order, some may picture such a person as a Sadu barely clothed wondering the banks of the Ganga begging for food.

I'm talking about the spiritual growth it takes to reach acceptance that sometimes we have to give things up. When it hurts it means we've been too attached, when it makes us happy or releived we've let our spirit be free (and face it maybe we weren't happy in the first place.)
I once met a psychologist who had a client whom he said was one of the richest men in America, but he was as depressed as a mud fence. I also once met a man crumpled and debilitated in a wheelchair laughing and smiling as though nothing were the matter!

Personally I have made that decision to just let some things go (along with my ego) over the years. I don't always do that, but for a few of the biggest things in my life I've chosen to cut ties. Doing so I found freedom and growth. I am currently making a major life decision that is litterallly forcing me to clean house! I'm asking myself now, well what other material anchors can I throw overboard! What else can I do to be free! Just the thought brings me so spiritually high I can hardly describe it.

I will confess that some things will have my clawmarks on them but as long as I am making progress to accept detachment the happier I'll be and the closer to God I'll be.



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