Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seekers and Meditation

Last night I was reminded of the value of communion and discussion with others on a spiritual path. During a conversation after a talk related to meditation, I found myself reflecting in a way that even gave myself clarity.

I have been in pursuit of the true esscense of meditation before I knew that there were people that could teach me. I checked out an obscure book from the library... 4 times until someone lost it. It was out of print and to this day don't remember the name or the author. However, my spiritual journey over the last 12 years or so isn't vast by comparison to the clerics, Swamis, and new age people that have been doing it since the days of Parmahansa Yogananda, the T.C. movement, days beyond. I have however put myself in a position to study and learn directly from some of these traditions through Self Realization study, Tao, QiGong, Yoga, various masters such as Thich Naht Hahn, Sri. Kriyananda, Sifu Johan Sasynuik, Ajayan Borys and others. This has been direct in some cases indirect in others. But I digress.

During this discussion, the woman I was talking to was basically asking me how I approach meditation, how I stop the chatter in my head and many other things. For the most part it was a matter of the old seeker imparting to the newer seeker. With respect to how do I take a break, and simply enjoy unadultrated bliss?

In the promises of a fellowship I belong to we're told that ,"we will intuitively know how to handle things that used to baffle us." ... so I spoke from my heart. I asked her if she's familiar with Thigh Naht Hahn's teachings on Mindfuldess to which she said she had several books about but haven't read. I imparted the following.

If we drive for years, most things become habit and it requires little though, only paying attention when there is a reason for hightened awareness. For the most part we don't think 1. turn key 2. clutch 3. shift and ease gears...... 10. Turn right 11. observe changing speed... etc. We Dont! Sometimes we get caught in our mindless world and end up with a citation. So I asked, "What if you made a practice of noticing everything everyday for a period of time, "I am getting out of bed, I am eating breakfast, I am washing the car, I am sitting down, I am noticing everything around me." What if then you sat in the evening or whenever you prefer  to meditate and gave your mind body and spirit to let go of Noticing Everything... would you then slip more easily into the quiet oasis deep inside your spine? Would the chatter go away as though you had slid into a soundproof box? I believe that THAT'S one of the great wonderful things that Mindfulness practice gives us! The permission to meditate better.

To meditate in a non frustrating and totally blissfull manner is the goal. I say excercise and take note during active consciousness and your meditations will take you closer to yourself, and even closer to God.
Om Peace!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


One practice we should all learn, or pay attention to is mindfulness. This is one of the centeral practices of Buddhism but serves to be practical in all parts of life. Yoga brings us union between our physical selves, and our spirit through movement and pranyam. QiGong acts much the same way, paying attention to energy flow focus and pranyam. Reiki packs much the same power where good mindful intention is transmitted to a desired "target".

Interestingly, this weekend I chose to work in service to one of my places of practice I call this Seva Yoga, or Karma Yoga... yoga of service. During this practice I relaxed into a total state of zen and mindfulness, focusing on the work as meditation... as work for God. When I was done, I then had to refocus on the sometimes dreadful task of auto maintainence. (One was my motorcycle if you get the metaphor.)

I talk to my Yoga and QiGong students always about Itention. Intention is transforming positive or even devotional mindfulness into energy that we can then "infuse" into our task. The old song, "Whistle While You Work" is a song about bringing joy to your work. Which of the Seven Dwarfs would you rather prepare your meal, fix your car, or clean your home? Grumpy? or Happy? Logically the outcome can only be enhanced with a joyful provider. Now what if the work was not only happy, but you were to recieve it with joy? Mindfully acknowleging, "I am recieving this service with an attitude of joy, and thankfulness."  Wouldn't that be much nicer?

This author is human and fallable and sometimes not in my Zen state of mind. As I tread the spiritual path longer, and grow more grey hair I tend to find that the way of Joy and the way of Mindfullness serves me well and acts as a testament to those around me of the benefits of such a way of life.

Long before the spiritual path came into play, I learned about the "self fullfiling prophecy" and "the power of positive thinking". I began to attempt those practices long before understanding the deeper tools I have since learned to apply them more intentionally.

I've learned to call it Magnatism, or Reiki, or being an instrument of God. In any case I think it serves us all to be mindfull of the energy we put into our every moment an that which we broadcast to others.



Friday, January 14, 2011

Kelley Rush, Mentor, Teacher, Devoted Yogi...

I have been a yoga teacher for about two and a half years. I stepped into a few classes and the more I practiced yoga and the wonderful teachers and people in the studios, the more I felt I belonged. I experienced a few teachers in particular to whom I developed a reverence. Once the decision had been made to pursue training I looked upon what other teachers had brought me.

I remember stepping onto the mat in a little studio in the deep backwoods of Washington state; Two Rivers Yoga. Kelly Rush was the instructor, and also the owner of this great little place I had been told about. The experience of Forrest Yoga was intensely visceral. The room smelled of freshly cleansing sage. Her presence and the spirit in which she guided us through asana was incredibly refreshing. The energy of the room could have only been created by a sublime soul and her band of practically disciple like yogis! Finally a class that really ended with OM's and hugs!

I live a distance away from Kelly's studio, but have been back semi regularly over the last three years. Even with her other wonderful teachers, Kelly's energy is always there!

Now my friend is in a battle for her life. Scores of yogis assembled to raise funds for her and her family as Anna Forest herself led us through a workshop. I hope to repay the spirit and inspiration she gave me to become a light bearer of 5000 years of yogis by encouraging anyone I can to make that trip to her little barn in the woods. Her trusted assistants will carry the business indefinitely, and the more friends of Kelly support her absence the more Karma will be sent to heal her.

I know scores of people that have had to deal with or even succumb to cancer this past year. I plan to support efforts for anyone suffering to find cures for cancers of all kinds. To give selflessly is to receive the wealth of Gods grace! I hope you will join me in my mission, or find one of your own.

Peace to you all!!


Brian M. Dotson