Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lately I have been on a roll of getting on people's nerves. It's confusing during times to discern between enthusiasm and restlessness.
I listened to a talk from one of my spiritual guides that had to do with whether or not your efforts are in the name of spirit and service or if your/ my actions are symptoms of being spiritually low. My life's goal is to serve the needs of spirit to live not in vein or to my own gain but to benefit others.

This is the joy of having such great teachers that remind me that Yoga is the practice of creating a seamless union between your spirit and your actions. In the life of activity, of action our lives at work we at some level are practicing Karma yoga: the practice of selfless service. Even if compensation is involved, it can be selfless service so long as the goal is to help others for their own sake rather than your own. It is wasteful  to strive to impress others, because the Karma it generates then becomes toxic and can turn on you. I realized that rather than to be upset at others for not recognizing the goodness of my efforts, I should offer amends at making them objects of my unhealthy behavior. 

So then what to do. My plan is to back down and re-analyze my life situation. My plan is to meditate and let the spirit of just allowing the organic occurance of grace occur. So long as I remain Mindful and uplifted, the Universe will provide for me as I hope it will you.

Om Peace Shanti


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yoga is like... Baseball

To know me would be to know how I could even remotely mention yoga and baseball in the same sentence but bear with me here... 

I've been teaching yoga, adopting it to my life passing philosophies alonb for a few years now. I've had to step away from teaching yoga for a short while due to life (a couple of times). Whenever I'm away from leading my friends from Samadhi bliss to Chataranga and back again I feel like I'm waiting for the new season to come. Baseball and its metaphores have been with me since age 4 or so. Baseball doesn't have the legs of the Gita, Upanihads, or the Sutras to stand on but it has taught me many of the life's lessons necessary to understand things like... Yoga. It all goes deeper than "be the ball", or "Oh Arjuna"... so much deeper. Great sages of both traditions (if you will) have been born from both. So I digress... why the comparison?

Last night I stepped back on the mat as a teacher for the first time in months and was elated, as I moved my friends and clients through the gift of self care through the poses, and discussed the bridge between the breath and life itself. I felt as though I had only taken a step out of the batters box, only to step back in and into the present moment. Much as the hitter only focuses on the pitcher and the spinning cotton threads of the ball hurling toward him, I felt that nothing else existed except me and 10 souls in the yoga studio. I felt the great joy that as a kid I had on the Sandlot, as I did last night on the mat.

Many times life takes us into an off-season in many forms both literal and figurative. I think the divine lesson here is to enjoy what I learn in the pauses rather than to pine for what was or lament at what may or may not eventually come back.

In as much as I blog to pass along my musings and maybe spur some though, the great lover of things is someone who realizes that yoga is never really gone once you have it, baseball is never really gone. Time is just giving you a chance to enjoy the time to live.